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Big Brown Dog - The song tells a whimsical story about a family dog and his adventures. In a style which will remind you of Johnny Cash.

The Nickel - What would happen if a kid found a nickel? Would he spend it or save it? Lessons here for anyone.

Sunny Day - Absolutely inspired by a bright sunny day. Have fun.

Hey Hey Whatcha Doin - Mom's advice is not always followed. Mom knows best.

Bowling - When my grandkids visited, we took them bowling. This is the story.

Together Me and You - Participation song for adults and kids. Suitable for classroom or campfire.

Camping - You will probably hear the melody in your head for a while. Remember it the next time you think of going camping.

Train - A story song about railroads in the USA. Happy ending.

Look In The Air - My grandson came running into the house and urged me to go outside and see what he saw in the sky. A song about what we can see in clouds, if we use imagination.

Arithmetic - Learning numbers can be fun. Arithmetic is easy, simple and breezy, when you and me add one and two and three.

Questions - A call and response sing-along. Suitable for classroom or home, for two or more voices. I sing both parts in this version.

Advice - Probably understood more by the adults listening. Has the flavor of a classic country or folk ballad. In the style of Johnny Cash or Burl Ives or perhaps a cowboy singer.

Lyrics are available below in PDF format. Right-click to download for viewing/printing. File sizes are 11 kb or less.
Big Brown Dog Lyrics
The Nickel Lyrics
Sunny Day Lyrics
Hey Hey Whatcha Doin Lyrics
Bowling Lyrics
Together Me And You Lyrics
Camping Lyrics
Train Lyrics
Look In The Air Lyrics
Arithmetic Lyrics
Questions Lyrics
Advice Lyrics

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