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Howard Lang, 2002
Howard Lang

Born: Santa Monica, Ca,
at the beginning of the baby boom.
Raised in Southern California throuh college.
Currently resides in Eureka, Ca,
in Humboldt County.


Phone: (707) 443-8201

Email: Go to Contact Page


Howard Lang as The Chairman of the Bank, 2015 2015 - Humboldt Light Opera Company: Mary Poppins - Chairman of the Bank

Howard Lang as Whitney, 2012   Howard Lang as Whitney, 2012 2012 - North Coast Repertory Theatre: Anything Goes! - E. Whitney

Howard Lang as The Commissioner, 2012 2012 - Humboldt Light Opera Company: Damn Yankees - The Commissioner

Howard Lang as Professor Marvel, 2008

2008 - Humboldt Light Opera Company: The Wizard of OZ - Professor

Howard Lang as The Wizard of OZ, 2008
2008 - Humboldt Light Opera Company: The Wizard of OZ - Wizard

Howard Lang as JJ Astor, 2007 2007 - Humboldt Light Opera Company: Titanic, A New Musical - Colonel John Jacob Astor

Howard Lang as Munoz/Vargas, 2002 2002 - Humboldt Light Opera Company: City of Angels - Detective Munoz (Vargas)

Howard Lang as Rosenthal, 1995 1995 - North Coast Repertory Theatre: Nuts - Dr. Rosenthal (right)

Howard Lang as Harry the Horse, 1993 1993 - Humboldt Light Opera Company: Guys 'N' Dolls - Harry the Horse (left)

Howard Lang as Max, 1993 1993 - North Coast Repertory Theatre: Lend Me a Tenor - Max (center)

Howard Lang as Emery Wages, 1984 1984 - North Coast Repertory Theatre: Bad Seed - Emery Wages

Bio and Background:

Theatre: Howard has been involved in theatre from an early age, but is not related to Howard Lang the British actor (1911 - 1989).

Radio: Howard attended the Broadcasting Department at Los Angeles City College, has worked on the air in radio broadcasting, and does production radio spots (mostly PSA spots for theatre shows).

Improv: In addition to the scripted plays on the left, Howard has done improvisational theatre with Humboldt Redwood TheatreSports™ and Redwood Area Theatresports™.

Music: Howard is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, and has played guitar, bass, mandolin and some keyboard, solo, and in numerous bands over the years, and has done accompaniment and pre-show music for Rewood Area Theatresports™.

Television: Howard has done television production and television studio audio and video engineering as well as television documentary soundtrack creation using actual and virtual instruments.

Sound:  Howard has played with sound since childhood, when his dad brought home a tape recorder that Howard used to record anything and everything.  In high school, Howard produced radio-style spots for upcoming events and dances.  These were played during morning announcements in lieu of someone reading the event announcement.  

Sound Design/Original Music for Theatre and Television:

If you are interested in sound design or original music for community theatre or need help or advice, feel free to contact Howard. He has years of experience in both, and would like to pass his experience on to you.  If you are doing one of the productions below, there may be tracks available (why re-invent the wheel?).  Here are some of Howard's Sound Design/Original Music credits:

Spider's Web, NCRT, September 2019 - In addition to preshow, intermission, postshow music, Howard provided several sound effects for this Agatha Christie murder mystery set in the present time. in England.

10th Muse, NCRT, March 2018, In addition to Preshow, Intermission, and Post-Show music, and numerous sound effeccts, as well as selections of guitar music by Jeffrey Smoller, Howard provided musical backing tracks for the chorus of Nuns and Novitates.  This Tanya Saracho historical drama is set in 19th century Mexico.  

Always A Bridesmaid, NCRT, August, 2015 - In addition to preshow, intermission, postshow music (PIP), Howard expanded the number of sound cues to bring more realism to the production.  This fast-paced comedy/farce had an (almost) al-female cast and crew, with Howard as the token male, doing sound design.  

Spamalot!, FRT, January 2014 - For this show, over 70 sound cues were created, most of which were sound effects.  Many of these sounds would, in a production with a larger budget, be delivered to the audience through the use of set, prop, and body microphones.  This production only had a few headworn wireless mics, therefore, individual sword strikes, etc. were created, then cued and run from the live sound board in the house, where exact timing could be assured.  Howard also did the 30-sec. radio spot for this show.   

The Carol Escobar Show, Cable Access Channel 12, Eureka Ca, monthly, 2011 to 2015 - Original theme music and sound tracks, technical assistance, studio sound engineering for some shows featuring bands or musicians with unusual microphone requirements. The series is available online.  Howard also did various radio spots for the show.

Grave Matters and Untimely Departures, Cable Access Channel 12, Eureka Ca, 2011 (of the 2010 event), 2012 (of the 2011 event), 2013 (of the 2012 event), Fortuna Sunrise Cemetery - Original background and theme music. These one-hour films are available vor viewing online (do a search for the title).

The Kitchen Witches by Caroline Smith, NCRT, July 2011 - Sound Design/Original Music for Kitchen Witches consisted of a live microphone on stage and music tracks played from the booth throughout. These tracks included a Kitchen Witches Jingle, for which the lyrics were provided by the playwright, but the melody and accompaniment music had to be written for the production. In addition to the Jingle heard during the show, the play had over 20 sound cues consisting of original music, including timed scene change sequences.  Howard used a combination of keyboard and computer-generated virtual instruments to create variations on a simple 12-note theme he wrote for the Jingle, sung for the recording by a local vocalist. 

The Love List by Norm Foster, NCRT, July 2009 - Scene changes were punctuated by appropriate popular music snippets of a "love" or "witchy" theme. The director did her signature intermission skit.  For this play, scene change workers dressed in costume to do the work of the woman and the gypsy, as they re-dressed the set from drab to colorful, with music to match.

Dancers by Michael Grady, NCRT, May 2005 - For this show, Howard used tracks from soap operas and game shows. The set featured a television, placed downstage facing upstage. Inside the empty TV cabinet the lighting designer placed a blue bulb that would read for the audience as the set being on or off, and light and sound cues were coordinated for multiple instances of each state. 


North Coast Repertory Theatre - 300 5th Street, Eureka, Ca

Humboldt Light Opera Company - Musical Theatre Company, Humboldt County, Ca

Ferndale Repertory Theatre - 447 Main Street, Ferndale, Ca

Access Humboldt - provider of cable access television in Humboldt County Ca.

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