Name: Howard Lang
Call KB6NN
QTH: Eureka, California
Grid: CN70ws

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Photo of Howard at radio.

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In the photo above (2012), I'm busy copying CW - my favorite mode. All the ham gear and even the lamp is now powered by a battery charged by solar panels.  

First licensed in 1978, I operated for nearly twenty years, then went QRT in 1997 or so for about ten years.  In 2007, I visited a local field day event, got excited about ham radio all over again, and started this website.  At that time, I  I was just listening on the HF bands while I improved my CW copying skills. My antenna was miserable: a random wire, poorly matched and grounded, so my signal sounded QRP at QRO power. At that time, we were at a fairly low point in the 11 year sunspot cycle, so mostly all I could do was listen.

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Time flies and I'm still mostly listening, but I am operating more.  The antenna is a little better, and I am venturing into aspects of ham radio I've neglected in the past, such as digital modes and mobile and portable operation.  Use it or lose it, they say, so I must get back to doing more CW if I ever want to get my proficiency back to where it was years ago.  Like so many others who have websites, I've neglected to keep this one as up-to-date as it could be. The log pages are definitely out of date.  I need to take more pictures.  But I really need to spend less time on the computer and more time on the radio.  

The latest (2018):
I have been renewing some of my web skills and have experimented with a new website design for Humboldt Amateur Radio Club.  As of March, 2018, the club has approved Carl(KM6LIQ)'s design here: humboldt-arc.org, but I still have my design here: humsites.com/harc as a part of my own website, and welcome comments (use the contact form on that website to make comments).

See you on the bands.


Howard Lang, KB6NN

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Eureka, California
Grid: CN70ws

Eureka is located in the middle of Humboldt County, California. Humboldt County is in Northern California, on the coast, about 80 miles south of the Oregon border.

Howard's Amateur Radio Memberships:

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club 

Far West Repeater Association

Ten-Ten International (#25696)

American Radio Relay League 

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