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Name: Howard Lang
Call: KB6NN
QTH: Eureka, California
Grid: CN70ws

Photo of radio desk.

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The photo above shows my latest (as of 2015) operating position. Note that it is quite similar to the photo on the home page, but the radios have moved around a bit and a computer now sits to the left of the operating position. That computer has nothing to do with ham radio. The laptop under the swing lamp (now closed) runs the station. Radios and books in the shelves in back, and a tool box on the desk with the usual stuff in it.

The Vibroplex EK-1 Scotia Key, which was originally developed by Hamco here in Humboldt County, is no longer being made. It has a Curtis chip keyer built into the base. Rugged and dependable to this day. Vibroplex now makes the key without the chip.  Nice key.

vibroplex ek1
Vibroplex Scotia EK-1

The photos below were taken in 2007:

The radio room is in the southwest corner of the house. In the photos below, note the poor antenna installation, complete with poor connections, drip loop, squirrel tickler and spark gap terminating insulator (the north fence). I do not recommend this installation, but it worked in a pinch, and the wire was nearly invisible (see squirrel tickler insulator photo below).

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qth shack
QTH - Shack

poor antenna connection
Poor Antenna Connection

drip loop
Drip Loop

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squirrel tickler insulator
Squirrel Tickler Insulator

spark gap insulator
Spark Gap Insulator

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If I had panned to the right, you would have seen the neighbor's satellite dish, mounted on their side the fence and pointing south toward the sky over our house.  The dog barked at the dish when it first went up.  Must have looked like a big round head.  They eventually moved it to the side of their house.  It was not inconspicuous.  My ham radio wire was invisible by comparison.  

See you on the bands.


Howard Lang, KB6NN

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Eureka, California
Grid: CN70ws

Eureka is located in the middle of Humboldt County, California. Humboldt County is in Northern California, on the coast, about 80 miles south of the Oregon border.

Howard's Amateur Radio Memberships:

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club 

Far West Repeater Association

Ten-Ten International (#25696)

American Radio Relay League 

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